Friday, September 10, 2010

Apple feels the android burn?

There have been a number of reports published of late which indicate that Android-based personal devices are becoming a favourite with consumers.

Sure, we'd all love a lovely new iPhone or iPod but more often than not, the equivalent device from other vendors is cheaper and (gasp!) occasionally they're even more capable.

Now I can't help but wonder whether the guys at Apple have been reading these reports and talking in hushed tones about the way that Android-based systems appear to be reaching critical mass with astonishing alacrity. They know that if the market becomes enamoured with these devices, sales of their iStuff could take a hit.

They're also worried that developers may see more bountiful pickings to be had by producing software for the Android market and opting to give Apple's tightly controlled product a wide berth.

So just how worried are Apple?

Well hold onto your hat... Apple have finally decided to allow developers to use a raft of development languages and tools that were previously forbidden.

In fact, even that most evil of all tools, Flash, is now no-longer persona non gratis -- at least as a platform for delivering games and other applications. Word on the street however, is that you still won't see any browsers on the iOS which support Flash embedded in webpages.

So where as previously, Apple was incredibly strict in dictating exactly what languages and tools were allowed when creating apps, they've now backed right away - to the point where almost anything goes.

No doubt developers will be very happy with this change, as will users of Apple's products.

Now, only time will tell if these concessions on the part of Apple are enough to knock the wind out of Android's sails. Does Android already have the momentum needed to give other device manufacturers the key benefits they need to deliver better hardware and software solutions than Apple.

I can't wait to watch for what happens next.

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