Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wave goodbye to spam?

Spam is one of the biggest problems to plague the internet.

Not only does it clog your inbox with offers for products you probably neither need nor want, but it's also a vector for the delivery of scams, malware and attempts to phish your login details.

Over the years, many different tactics have been tried in an attempt to stem the flow of spam but although some, such as filtering, do a reasonable job of hiding the problem, they are only a symptomatic treatment.

The big problem has always been that the basic services on which internet email is build were designed in an era before the ghastly spectre of spamming ever raised its ugly head.

Those who first designed the SMTP mail protocol never dreamed that, one day, hoards of spammers would hijack their hard work to regularly deliver billions of unsolicited commercial emails to a world of unwitting recipients.

Since then, the attempts to "update" the mail system in ways that would stem the rising tide of spam have been ankle-tapped by an unwillingness to scrap the now deeply entrenched standard on which the mail system relies.

However, there's now a bright light of hope on the horizon.

By dint of its huge dominance on the net, only one entity has the power to replace the current email infrastructure with something brand-new and spam-proof.

That entity is Google and the new platform that may eventually bring us far more spam-resistant email is "Wave".

Effectively forsaking the old SMTP protocol for something newer has allowed designers to start from scratch, moving us tantalisingly closer to the day when spam doesn't represent over 90% of all the email moving around the Net.

But wave is a lot more than just a replacement for email...

Wave is an integration of many different internet services that have popped up on the web over the years. If you understand the concept of synergy then you'll realise just how much more powerful Wave might be than anything that has come before.

It's early days yet but I encourage everyone to fire up their browsers and do your own research on Wave.

Could it be that the tsunami of spam may be laid to rest by the Wave of Google?

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